Are You on Chuck Lorre’s Christmas Card List?

If so, you’ve probably already gotten this:


And now, for those who not only aren’t on Chuck’s list but don’t even know who he is: read article

Mired in the Past: The Cluelessness of NBC

…And, just possibly, the other broadcast networks as well. But Dan Treadway definitely is kinda cool. (In the dweebie way the networks like NBC can never understand. But we know, don’t we? We know…)

Zeus plays with his children – wotta funny dad!

NBC Is Stuck in a Century in Which Guys Taking Care of Kids Is a Hilarious Concept – by Dan Treadway (HuffingtonPost.Com)

I like to imagine the conversation in the NBC boardroom went something like this:

Johnson: Sir, we’ve been kicking around a few ideas to put our network’s comedy lineup back on the map since we’re completely abandoning the notion of providing fresh, original content in favor of copying the crap on CBS. read article

Lee Aronsohn and Bill Prady on Showrunning

Alex Epstein reports on a panel we wish we’d been at:

I had a chance to attend a panel discussion on “Showrunners” at July’s Just for Laughs Conference with TWO AND A HALF MEN co-creator Lee Aronsohn and BIG BANG THEORY showrunner Bill Prady, moderated by Variety‘s Steven Gaydos. A few takeaways: read article

CBS Fall 2012 Premiere Dates

Honking press release:


Wednesday, Sept. 19 read article

Want to Get a Pilot Order From CBS? Run One of Their Current Hit Shows

And there you have it. The Secret of the TV Universe. Use this info wisely, young Jedi.

The Tannenbaums – be nice if you meet them

CBS Orders Comedy Pilot From ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Producer
by Lacey Rose, Lesley Goldberg

CBS is getting a jump on the 2013-14 development season.

The single-camera “Ex-Men” will be written and directed by How I Met Your Mother producer-director Rob Greenberg and hails from “Two and a Half Men” executive producers Eric and Kim Tannenbaum. read article