Another Day Another Good Deal for Bowie & Sussman

Let’s face it, BIG BANK THEORY lovers, one BBT is not enough. Luckily, CBS is seriously giving us another (kinda):

These guys are actors, which means we don’t have to I.D. them cuz y’all know who they be.

‘Big Bang Theory’ Duo Sell Semi-Autobiographical Comedy to CBS – by Lesley Goldberg

CBS is expanding its relationship with The Big Bang Theory‘s John Ross Bowie andKevin Sussman. read article

Lee Aronsohn and Bill Prady on Showrunning

Alex Epstein reports on a panel we wish we’d been at:

I had a chance to attend a panel discussion on “Showrunners” at July’s Just for Laughs Conference with TWO AND A HALF MEN co-creator Lee Aronsohn and BIG BANG THEORY showrunner Bill Prady, moderated by Variety‘s Steven Gaydos. A few takeaways: read article