Want to Get a Pilot Order From CBS? Run One of Their Current Hit Shows

And there you have it. The Secret of the TV Universe. Use this info wisely, young Jedi.

The Tannenbaums – be nice if you meet them

CBS Orders Comedy Pilot From ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Producer
by Lacey Rose, Lesley Goldberg

CBS is getting a jump on the 2013-14 development season.

The single-camera “Ex-Men” will be written and directed by How I Met Your Mother producer-director Rob Greenberg and hails from “Two and a Half Men” executive producers Eric and Kim Tannenbaum.

[It] centers on a young guy who finds camaraderie living among the more experienced guys he meets in a short-term rental complex.

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Two points to note here:

  1. The premise – young man buddying up with other guys in a “short-term rental complex” – is as high concept as you can get, especially to showbiz types in L.A., who are constantly moving in and out of places like that (hi, Oakwood Garden Apartments!), usually during divorces.
  2. Ain’t no newbies involved.

As the old saying goes, “Success breeds success.” So start breeding.