Ken Levine Gives Us TMI on the 2013 Pilot Scene

Ken Levine is constantly revealing TV secrets, just as Louis C.K. keeps telling everybody what it’s really like to think like a man.

Dangerous doods, both of ’em. Especially Ken:


What’s currently happening in the world of pilots
by Ken Levine

We’re in the middle of pilot season. For those not intimately involved, here’s what’s currently happening: read article

Ken Levine: Decoding Hollywoodspeak

When the dood’s right, he’s right:

by Ken Levine (from Ken’s Stupendous Blog)

Most of the real creativity in Hollywood goes into positive spin. Here are some industry expressions and what they really mean:

“Hospitalized because the actor was simply feeling dizzy due to a medication he was taking for an ear infection” – drunk read article

Notice Anything Odd about THE NEWSROOM and SUITS Season Enders?

Ken Levine did:

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Breaking the Sitcom Story

Yes, sitcoms have stories. At least, they’re supposed to.

This is the second part of Ken Levine’s class in Comedy 101. You probably should read the first part before venturing further.

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Ken Levine on Sitcom Tapings and Series Crossovers

Dood gives a postgrad course right here:

What you see is what we show you by Ken Levine read article