Notice Anything Odd about THE NEWSROOM and SUITS Season Enders?

Ken Levine did:

Great minds plot alike – by Ken Levine

Am I the only one who noticed that the big concluding scene of THE NEWSROOM and SUITS was the exact same scene? I’ve held off writing this post for several weeks, giving you all ample time to catch up on the them on your DVR’s. But if you still haven’t seen them then SPOILER ALERT.

What’s fascinating to me is that this is obviously a coincidence. Both shows are extremely well-written, both shows are very clever, and I don’t even think they’re written on the same coast. They’re on two different networks so the odds that either had a chance to see the other before it aired are remote at best.

And yet, both scenes were so identical it was somewhat eerie.

Here’s the situation: In SUITS, ace lawyer Harvey is about to be fired for taking drugs. In THE NEWSROOM, ace anchor Will is about to be fired for taking drugs. They’re both going before the big board of directors. They both have an ally (Charlie in THE NEWSROOM, Jessica in SUITS). They both admit to taking drugs. They’re both fired.

But wait. They both have cards to play. They both have knowledge of wrongdoing from the corporate head that could explode into a big scandal. At first the charges are denied. Will and Harvey both have proof.

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LB tells us that back in the day things like this happened frequently because most episodes were written by freelancers who sometimes sold the same basic storyline to more than one series. But these are staff-written shows. So…whatcha think?