The Best Advice Ever for New Filmmakers

Now this is what we call “breaking in!”

Speaking of animated web series (like the one in the article below), we came across this on one of TVWriter™’s favorite websites, Wordplayer.Com. A solid tip on getting your work produced the way you want it to be produced, from Terry Rossio:

On the Wordplay message boards, one of our contributors, Tom Scott, put it best.
“The truth is, there’s no ladder to climb,” Tom said. “There is no gate, nor are there gatekeepers. There are only those who are making movies and those who aren’t. The professional eyes browsing your work on Inktip are in the same boat you’re in. But my friend who taught himself animation, made a short, put it online and got a movie deal is in the same boat as Neill Blomkamp, Quentin Tarantino and James Cameron.”
“That’s the boat you want to be in,” Tom concluded. “And there’s plenty of room for anyone who ever wants to climb on board.”

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