Web Series: ‘Fighting Isis’

Don’t let the title of this Australian web series scare you away. It’s good. Really good.

Luke Buckmaster of The Guardian.Com – a majorly smart and literary and all the neat stuff UK news site ranking right up there with (ulp) the BBC – has to say about the show:

It’s King of the Hill meets Down Under meets Team America: World Police in this sassy, yappy, yobbo-lampooning animation from creators Sebastian Peart, Mark Nicholson and Pete Corrigan. Four stubbie-wielding Aussie blokes meet in a garage and resolve to wipe out Isis terrorists once and for all; an alternative title could have been “Straya, Fuck Yeah!”

Our reaction is equally positive. Unlike far too many animated series on the web, Fighting Isis whips along at a pace fast enough for even the most demented Rick & Morty fan. The jokes fly right atcha, over and over again.


Created By Sebastian Peart……? https://twitter.com/sebpeart Mark Nicholson……?https://www.instagram.com/themarknich… Pete Corrgian……….? http://www.peterjcorriganmusic.com Stepmates, 2017. contact@stepmates.com.au http://www.stepmates.com.au

TWITTER ? http://twitter.com/stepmates

INSTAGRAM ? https://www.instagram.com/stepmates

Enjoy the madness at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzgtrerHnlLSeb6-lAN-fFg

Found via Stareable.Com