What Have We Learned from the 1st Week of the 2012 Season?

Some interesting bits, actually:

After One Week, Which TV Shows Look Good and Which Seem Doomed? – by Josef Adalian read article

How “High Concept” Does Your Concept Have to Be?

No point in guessing. Just compare it to the premises for the shows below. Remember, regardless of what their ultimate fates may be, all these shows had premises that got them to the starting line…and scripts that took them beyond:

The Premise-O-Meter: Ranking the New TV Dramas – by Margaret Lyons (Vulture.Com)
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munchman: Josh Berman Looks Way Too Young to be So Important

Really. Look at this:

Bugs the heck out of me. He looks like the kid I’d hire to mow my lawn. If I had a lawn. And if he didn’t seem so damn confident. I’m not all that into other people being confident around me, you know?

But the youthful Mr. Berman doesn’t need to mow lawns because what he does for a living is create and run shows like DROP DEAD DIVA and the upcoming THE MOB DOCTOR. And to make me hate him even more he has another new project at CBS, based on – yeah, this is upsetting – an article in a snobby-assed East Coast magazine! (Atlantic Monthly) read article