The Hudsonian Sees THE MINDY PROJECT

The Mindy Project Is Exactly That…A Project

 by Josh Hudson read article

What Have We Learned from the 1st Week of the 2012 Season?

Some interesting bits, actually:

After One Week, Which TV Shows Look Good and Which Seem Doomed? – by Josef Adalian read article

Are These The Best Shows of the Coming Season?

Writer Alison Willmore of IndieWire.Com thinks so, but we aren’t so sure:

Fall’s Five Most Promising-Looking New Network TV Shows – by Alison Willmore read article

Web Power Grows, Soon It Will Eat TV

Or maybe television’s already done for. Yesterday, for example, Fox premiered two new TV series on the web, although they won’t appear on, you know, Fox TV, till tonight.


Oh, and these weren’t just any web premieres. These were on f-ing Facebook. Well, kinda makes sense. Zuckermantown is as close to the closed up pablum as the web gets these days. So close that we often find ourselves thinking of it as AOL Revisited.


The times they are a’changin’. And just between us, we here at TVWriter™ are mightily well-disposed toward change. read article