Do Not be One with THE FOLLOWING

So spaketh The Hudsonian! Here’s why:

The-Following-Castby The Hudsonian

I heart Kevin Williamson. read article

HAWAII FIVE-0 Pulls Another Ratings Stunt

Yeah, this sure looks like a group of Jimi fans. Right.

In yet another desperate attempt to make up for the fact that the show sucks, HAWAII FIVE-0’s unsung marketing geniuses once again prove that they’re better at their jobs than the writers by coming up with a truly fascinating gimmick.

They’re giving us not one, or two, or even three, but seven – count ’em seven – “unreleased” songs by Jimi Hendrix as the sound track for the January 20th episode.

As major Hendrix fans, we’re thrilled, even though: read article

munchman sees CHICAGO FIRE

Quick Reaction: E.R. with firemen. But my girlfriend, who hates action shows, liked it and even wants to watch it again. (I’m thinking maybe it’s the boots?

Prognosis: For Fire Dept. groupies only. (You know who you are.)

Advance Look at Wizards & Aliens

…’Cuz the last season and a half of DOCTOR WHO have made us miss Russell T. Davies more than we ever thought we would:

Wizards Vs Aliens: Dawn Of The Nekross spoiler-free review – by Jeams Peaty

Imaginative, enchanting, and entertaining, Russell T Davies’ new CBBC series is a fitting successor to The Sarah Jane Adventures…

1.1 & 1.2 Dawn Of The Nekross read article

The Hudsonian Sees THE NEIGHBORS

Don’t Invite The Neighbors Over

by Josh Hudson

This ABC show originally aired on September 26, 2012 at 9:30 EST. It has since been moved to 8:30 EST, in between “The Middle” and “Modern Family”. Pretty sure that’s not going to matter.

It’s only fair that one would go to a Disney-owned company for news about athletes. I mean, ESPN is the worldwide leader in sports. The last place I’d look is a gated community in New Jersey, which is the basis of ABC’s new Wednesday night comedy, The Neighbors. Allow me to explain this atrocity. read article