munchman: ‘Jeopardy’ Exec. Producer Mike Richards picks himself as host.

mike “the accused” richards

Q. Has ‘Jeopardy’ damaged its integrity by considering its current executive producer for the hosting gig?

A. No, instead the show has blown itself into total  annihilation by giving this butthead the job.

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munchman: The #1 Most Important Editing Tip for New Writers

by munchman

Yer friendly neighborhood munchamaniac has been munching on some bad news that arrived at the munch launch pad yesterday, by which yrs truly means the 24th stupid, dumb, & sosososo aggravating rejection of my someday Oscar or Emmy or Bafta (but never Golden Globes ‘cuz screw them) winning script that shall be nameless (titleless?) for the moment, & has come to the conclusion that said rejection is the product of a conspiracy by the secret rulers of the TV & film writing universe, AKA the sons & daughters of Satan known as gatekeepers!

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munchman: Is ‘Jeopardy’ jeopardizing its integrity?

Know that question everybody asks people who work in TV? I mean the one that goes, “Why is TV so bad?”

Well, today is giving us the answer. After months of so-called on-air auditions for a new live host of Jeopardy to replace the sadly dead old host, it looks like the new host is -wait for it: read article

munchman: Speaking of ‘Comfort Zones’

Yer friendly neighborhood munchadillio just read yet another article about “how to leave your comfort zone” and all I can say is that being comfortable always takes me OUT of mine.

Discomfort is my safe space. Woah. read article

munchman: Writers! Are You Using too Many !!!s?!

Of course you are. We all are. Especially when we text, which has nothing to do with being a writer per se, but still…You get the point, yeah?

See what yer friendly neighborhood munchadoodledoo just did?

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