Ron Moore Has a New Series Commitment for OUTLANDER

ronmooreoutlandertogetherStarz has given a 16 episode go-ahead to what Hollywood Reporter calls “Ronald D. Moore’s OUTLANDER TV series.

As major Ron Moore fans since his days as a beginner on some version or other of STAR TREK, we’re delighted about this for two reasons:

  1. It’s Ron Moore! Running a Series! Bringing his BATTLESTAR GALACTICA magic back onto our small but mighty cellphone (and P.C. and tablet and, yep, giant HD TV) screens!
  2. It’s a television version of Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling book series about time travel and other great stuff! A series that was so good it was almost readable by adult males!

We do find ourselves in a bit read more

Thinking Man Reviews: Boss – Pilot

By Anthony Medina

**Be aware this review contains spoiler** 

Season 1 Episode 1


“You think this is easy?” – Mayor Tom Kane

The Specs

Originally Aired: October 21st 2011

Creator: Farhad Safinia

Director: Gus Van Sant

Writer: Farhad Safinia

Channel: Starz

You may know him as Frasier or even Side Show Bob. But funny man read more

Every Series Has a Writing/Producing Learning Curve: BOSS, For example

Farhad Safinia, creator/executive producer of BOSS, and some guy named Kelsey Grammer talk about what they’re learning. And as writers we find it…impressive:

‘Boss’ Season 2: Kelsey Grammer, Farhad Safinia on Exploring ‘Original Sin – by Lesley Goldberg

THR sat read more

LB: One TV Executive Who Really Knows What He’s Doing

by Larry Brody

…Is Chris Albrecht of Starz.

Yes, he’s had some funky personal problems, but all my dealings with Chris have been professional and positive. In everything read more

Starz Announces New Projects

For us, the cool part of this news is that Joe Straczynski’s got a project that sounds amazingly cool, and, like, we know him. Well, almost know him. Close enough!

by TeamTVWriter Press Service

As part of STARZ overall deal with “Spartacus” creator Steven S. DeKnight, STARZ is developing “Incursion,” read more