Ron Moore Has a New Series Commitment for OUTLANDER

ronmooreoutlandertogetherStarz has given a 16 episode go-ahead to what Hollywood Reporter calls “Ronald D. Moore’s OUTLANDER TV series.

As major Ron Moore fans since his days as a beginner on some version or other of STAR TREK, we’re delighted about this for two reasons:

  1. It’s Ron Moore! Running a Series! Bringing his BATTLESTAR GALACTICA magic back onto our small but mighty cellphone (and P.C. and tablet and, yep, giant HD TV) screens!
  2. It’s a television version of Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling book series about time travel and other great stuff! A series that was so good it was almost readable by adult males!

We do find ourselves in a bit of a quandry, however.

On one hand we’re delighted by the fact that such a prestigious publication website sees a TV writer as so important that they use his name to sell the story of the show.

outlander images

And on another hand we’re puzzled as to how a series based on one Acme Mess O’Already Hit Books can be thought of as the property of the adapter and not of the original writer.

Whatcha think, sci-fi fans? Let us know.

One thought on “Ron Moore Has a New Series Commitment for OUTLANDER”

  1. The book series has a lot of rabid fans, all women as far as I can tell. They will not be happy with Moore if he changes anything. And the casting of the central male character, that they all drool over, will be hard. No matter who it is, some fans will hate him for not being what they imagined.

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