munchman: The Real Problem with Streaming TV…

…is Built Into Its Basic Concept

Think about it.  To entice customers streaming services need to be the exclusive provider of as many good/popular shows as possible. Which means they’re going to have to license or produce the best of the best.

Neither of those alternatives is cheap. In fact, they’re downright expensive. Can streaming services continue their exorbitant spending without having to charge viewers the proverbial arm and a leg? read article

Solid character-based humor can make your TV writing career

Pro Writing Secret of the Day

The longtime friend of Larry Brody those of us here at TVWriter™ call “The Impatient Showrunner” has this to say about dialog:

It’s a not so well-kept secret that many – I’d say most – TV executives only read the dialog when going through a script by an unknown. read article

How Miserable Can You Make Your Heroes?

Pro Writing Secret of the Day

Pamela Adlon is a not-so-old pro who has learned one of the most important writing lessons (in all media) the hard way:

What’s bad for your life is good for your writing read article