munchman: The Real Problem with Streaming TV…

…is Built Into Its Basic Concept

Think about it.  To entice customers streaming services need to be the exclusive provider of as many good/popular shows as possible. Which means they’re going to have to license or produce the best of the best.

Neither of those alternatives is cheap. In fact, they’re downright expensive. Can streaming services continue their exorbitant spending without having to charge viewers the proverbial arm and a leg?

What happens when viewers no longer are able to afford the multitude of services they need (or at least want) in order to comfortably watch their faves?

Sounds like the perfect recipe for intellectual property piracy to me. Ultimately, it’s the VPN (Virtual Private Network) services that could turn out to be the big financial winners, don’tcha think?

And they aren’t even in showbiz!

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