Another Craigslist Writing Gig – In D.C. This Time

We get worried any time somebody we know nothing about and have never met says, “tell me about yourself…” but probably that’s just, you know, us. Anyway:


This Ad is in the Washington D.C. Craigslist HERE

Will Your Big TV Writing Break Come via Craigslist?

Nah, we don’t think so either. But just in case, if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, here’s something to check out:


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Munchman’s Latest TV Musings

Munchman’s TV Musings #3

  1. OMG, kids, Yer Friendly Neighborhood Munchman actually saw a TV show I lurve. A series that reflects the reality of my munched-up life and, methinks, the lives of other members of my reviled Millennial generation. I’m talking about the absolutely best series ever to appear on The CW (yeah, that isn’t saying much but still…), My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I won’t say much about it other than it’s a genuinely witty musical comedy (?!) and every damn thing I saw while bingeing Season 1 was true to all the feelings that I and my various recent Significant Others – AKA crazy ex-girlfriends) have felt. Watch this one!
  2. Continuing on an unaccustomed positive note, el Munchero also has spent some time watching the first couple of episodes of YouTube’s new series, Chance, starring Dr. Gregory House – excuse moi, I mean Hugh Laurie – as a doctor who gets way too involved in the problems of one of his non-patients. (Watch the opening ep and you’ll know what I mean.) It’s slow but filled with pseudo-noir goodness. That steamy old Kathleen Turner film Body Heat with a psychiatric twist. It’s a story we’ve all seen before, but it’s done impeccably. Gotta love a world where every single damn character is insane and most of them don’t know it.
  3. Moving on to the more normal Muncharoni disdain, CBS has canceled the worst show created by major showrunners in years, BrainDead. God, what a disappointing piece of Big Eye Network foolery. With any luck this will be the last we see of the highly overrated team of Robert and Michelle King. Don’t start commenting on how I put the man’s name first, ‘kay? That’s how the outdated, untalented brains behind one of the worst successes in TV AKA The Good Wife bill themselves. Buy-bye, Michelle and Bobby, please let the swinging door whack ya in your asses on the way out.
  4. Have I communicated my feelings of dismay over Charlie Kaufman’s film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind being turned into a TV series? Well, I’m munching the news into teeny weeny pieces right now. The creative team in charge consists of all kinds of people who are in tight with production company Universal Cable Productions, and Charlie himself isn’t one of them. Yeppers, Charlie Kaufman, the brilliant wacko scriptor behind not only ESOTSM but also Adaptation (executive produced by our Beloved Leader LB’s brilliant son Jeb Brody), Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and Adaptations, among others, has absolutely no say about this series. For that matter, he has never had a say about any series because TV execs are terrified of the dood. As they should be cuz Charlie knows things, ya hear what Munchie’s muttering?
  5. Munchabello here was going to write another angry paragraph about how totally patronizing and contemptible the recent announcement by Netflix that it’s authorized a new series by Mexican filmmaker Manolo Caro was, but shit’s happening at the Bangkok studio where my amazingly cool and wonderful and in every way perfect (if you have my mentality, that of a brilliant 12 year old kid) web series The Fantastic Friends is being made, so tootles for now, y’all. (And don’t forget to watch FF so you can see where I’m coming from and totally discount anything I say about…well, anything, I suppose.)

That’s it for this week. I’ve got a terrible, tasteless, but amazingly popular web series to get back to work on, but I promise – I’ll seeya next time with more TV joy!

Larry Brody’s Poetry: Kid Hollywood Produces

by Larry Brody

kidhollywoodcovercoyotecaptureNOTE FROM LB: 

I’m back in Hollywood here, livin’ the life and playin’ the game! Oh joy! Oh Rapture! Oh…shit? This could be the most important thing any aspiring showbiz type will read. But if you’re a real aspirant, you’ll ignore it – like me:

Kid Hollywood Produces

Kid Hollywood sits at a desk wider than

Cleopatra’s barge. The sign on his door says,

“Producer,” and he makes more money each

Week than his father made in a year. He looks

Around at his paneled walls, and he sighs, “It

Is good.”

Kid Hollywood is all of twenty-nine, and his first

Casting session is about to begin. The director

Sits at Kid Hollywood’s side. “I want somebody

Who isn’t just acting the part,” the director explains.

“I want him to be the part.” A psycho killer? Kid

Hollywood doesn’t know if he wants to meet the

Right actor, after all.

But he tries. They come in, and go out, come

In and leave some more, and no one is a psycho

Killer, because everyone is scared.

In Kid Hollywood’s new office, fear is a character

All by itself. Every actor brings in a new aspect,

And leaves it to grow. There’s the silent terror,

And the shaky panic,

And the rage.

There’s the arrogant denial,

And the meek acquiescence,

And the rage.

The tremulous lip,

The quavering voice,

The rage.

The “How do you want it?”

“Is this okay?”

“Anything in particular I ought to know?”

The rage.

The fear takes tangible form. Kid Hollywood

Hears it first, a whisper of uncertain hate.

Then he smells it, the sweat of fallen self-respect.

Then he sees it, the psycho killer, exactly as

Written, but not played. Finally, Kid Hollywood

Has to stop. He needs time to give the fear

In the corner a break, a chance to dissipate,

To dissolve, and leave the new office born-again


“Let’s go over to the Blue Room, have something

To eat,” says the director, and Kid Hollywood rises.

“Let’s,” he says.



Let’s away! Away! Before it’s too late!

The voice in the Kid’s mind is shrill.

You’re not yet thirty! Let’s find another place!




Kid Hollywood and the director eat in the Blue Room,

Charge the meal to the show. They return to the

Office, and the actors, and the readings,

And in the corner the Kid’s new roommate

Not only hangs on, but continues to grow.

It grows for the rest of the season,

Coming not just from the actors,

But from everyone who walks in the door.

Even Kid Hollywood no longer is immune,

His too the sound, the smell, and the sight.

Still, his desk is longer

Than Marc Antony’s trireme,

And the paneling is dark and burnished,

Real wood not veneer.

And all the job requires

Is that the Kid share his space with the fear.

Larry Brody is the head dood at TVWriter™. Although the book whose cover you see above is for sale on Kindle, he is posting at least one poem a week here at TVWriter™ because, “As the Navajo Dog herself once pointed out to me, ‘Art has to be free. If you create it for money, you compromise your artistic vision by trying to please those who are paying. If you don’t accept money, you can be yourself. Like your art, you too are free.’” Actually, she said it much shorter.

Diana Vacc sees “Designated Survivor”


by Diana Vaccarelli

                   *Be warned – this review may contain spoilers!*

This TV season has a familiar face back on the screen in Designated Survivor – Kiefer Sutherland, also, perhaps better. known as  24′s Jack Bauer

This time around Sutherland is the protagonist of the tale of a low-ranking cabinet member becoming President of the United States after a horrific terrorist attack wipes out most of our government. After which – of course! President Sutherland has to save the day.

The only questions I had as I tuned in were, “Will he be saving our butts Jack Bauer style?” And, “OMG! What if he doesn’t? What will this show do?”


  • The premise is deliciously terrifying.  What would happen if the U.S. government’s most experienced leaders were in fact wiped out? Who would take the reins? And considering this election season, when so many variations of this scenario have seemed close to hand, the concept brings reality to the show, at least for me.
  • Showrunner Amy Harris and her writers bring in topics that are being discussed in our news outlets right now. For example, a scene regarding innocent Muslims being attacked by overzealous police.
  • The cast of supporting characters is brilliant. Natascha McElhone as Sutherland’s wife brings a calm to a drastic situation.  Adan Canto and Italia Ricci as feuding Chiefs of Staff have incredible chemistry. You can see the groundwork for a future romantic relationship building, and I’m looking forward to watching it play out.


  • Welp, here’s the thing. In some ways Sutherland does play his President like Jack Bauer. And in some ways he doesn’t. In Designated Survivor he is more timid and less intense. Which is a real shame because it just doesn’t work. It’s like watching the same old character after he’s been gelded. The performance is, in a word, lackluster. Please excuse the expression but this show would be much more interesting if our hero went either one way – quiet, smart – or the other – buttkicking – balls out.


I love so much of what Designated Survivor is giving us yet feel simultaneously so disappointed that I don’t think I can make a recommendation. Watch it and then tell me in the comments: Is this show a yes or a no?