Writing Gig: Lifehacker Needs a Senior Tech Writer

Lifehacker.Com, one of this TVWriter™ minion’s favorite sites that occasionally writes about tech as well as, um, life problem kinds of things, is looking to hire a “senior tech writer/editor.” According to a PR blurb on the site:

Lifehacker is hiring a senior tech writer/editor. This is full-time position with competitive salary and good benefits, working out of Gizmodo Media’s New York City mothership. You’ll be pitching and writing stories, helping shape the vision of tech coverage on Lifehacker, totally geeking out on the fastest, smartest, easiest and best ways to get things done. This is not a job reporting tech news or reviewing gadgets—this is a job for a MacGyver type who wants to engage with tech, to figure out how our global audience of more than 24 million can use it to make their lives happier, more productive and more fun.

Sounds like fun to me, but what do I know? I work for free from the darkest, coldest depths of Alaska because TVWriter™ doesn’t accept advertising and therefore doesn’t pay anybody and – true confession here – I’m damned if I’m relocating down to the U.S. during its current state of disrepair.

But if you have bigger balls than I have, your next move is to get thyself over HERE, where you can learn all about the job and its rewards and requirements.

Good luck! And, please if you give this a shot, write us a comment about how it all goes. (And no, we aren’t recommending this job, just reporting its existence. Ain’t going down that slippery slope!