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Jay Leno and His Great Hair Just Can’t Stay Away from ‘The Tonight Show’
by Shane Barnes

This week saw the premiere of the new season of Jay Leno’s Garage, the CNBC show in which Jay Leno gets to talk about all the cars he’s bought with all of his money. He also gets to drive things like tanks and the Batmobile. It’s a great show, if you’re Jay Leno. Another great show, according to Jay Leno? The Tonight Show, but only when he makes appearances on it, apparently, because he just can’t stop showing up on the Tonight Show stage.

Last night, as part of his Garage promotional efforts, Leno stopped by The Tonight Show, but by “stop by” we mean “joined Jimmy Fallon during his monologue,” and by that we mean he completely stole the whole thing and told some particularly uninspired jokes about politics and jobs and stuff we really want to hear about from Jay Leno, who has, at least, some really great hair.

Have you ever noticed how great Jay Leno’s hair is?

Anyway, there was a joke about Hillary’s transparency that was OK, but also a joke that went, “The economy is so bad that the government is bringing in unlicensed contractors to raise the debt ceiling. That’s how bad it’s gotten!” How about this one? “The jokes from Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show have grown so stale that the producers had to bring in unlicensed comedian Jay Leno to lower the bar!” Not great? Eh.

Watch the video below, and watch Jay Leno talk about cars in his Garage, too, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into. And who wouldn’t be? He’s got such great hair. (It airs Wednesday nights.)

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