It’s PEOPLE’S PILOT Success Story Time!

Vesta GilesVesta Giles, a finalist in the 2014 People’s Pilot Competition and student in the TVWriter™ Advanced Online Workshop and Larry Brody’s Master Class, has written the upcoming Lifetime TV Movie Justice Unleashed and is, in fact hard at work rewriting her second successful Lifetime sale even as we speak.

Justice Unleashed is the story of a woman judge searching for her runaway daughter, who has become the victim of human traffickers, and LB remembers its origin vividly.

“Vesta wrote a hard-hitting, totally unsentimental script in my class. I was amazed by the power in her work to start with and even more impressed by the way she responded to criticism and made it even better. Vesta knows how to listen and learn and put into practice what she learns. She has the superpower of being able to ‘get it.’ And that’s a rare and valuable power indeed.”

Vesta got the idea for the script from an interweb post about how the parents of a missing youth were able to locate their son by seeing an online picture of him trying to keep warm while Living on the street in New York City. “Every writer has a bank of images that can trigger a story,” Vesta says, and this one did it for her.

A part-time branch head at Logan Lake Library in British Columbia, Canada, Vesta points out that every aspect of her life figures into the characters and stories she develops. Justice Unleashed will be on the air on Lifetime either at the end of this year or the beginning of 2017. Filming of her next script is scheduled to begin at the end of 2016.

Congratulations, Vesta! LB and the minions at TVWriter™ are proud as hell of you! And this is just the beginning!

From TVWriter™ Press Service and Info Tel News