munchman sees ‘Rutherford Falls’ so you don’t have to

Nothing to see here. Move on, move on.

Worst pilot yer friendly neighborhood munchmelon ever saw that actually made it to the air & is threatening to come back again for a 2nd season.

The responsible talent for this travesty masquerading as a humorous attempt to set straight the history of European invader/murderers & the atrocities they committed to Native Americans is writer-star-whatever ed helms, whose hyperactive performance made me turn the sound off after his first scene. But hey, I watched it all, I swear. With my eyes closed, of course.

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munchman summarizes every film he’s seen in the last 3 yrs

As of this moment & this comic, ruben bolling has proven his very self to be yrs. truly’s soulmate. Yo, Ken!

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munchman: ‘Jeopardy’ Exec. Producer Mike Richards picks himself as host.

mike “the accused” richards

Q. Has ‘Jeopardy’ damaged its integrity by considering its current executive producer for the hosting gig?

A. No, instead the show has blown itself into total  annihilation by giving this butthead the job.

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munchman: Rewriting Your Screenplay

by munchman

Tips for rewriting scripts come in all flavors. Yer friendly neighborhood munchenstein  likes chocolate best, but here’s some pretty darn good-tasting vanilla.

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LB & munchman Watch ‘McCartney 3 2 1’

So yer friendly neighborhood munchausen and Beloved Leader Larry Brody watched all 6 episodes of McCartney 3 2 1 along with Gwen the Beautiful last night, and for once both The Brode and muncher agreed on something.

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