LB & munchman Watch ‘McCartney 3 2 1’

So yer friendly neighborhood munchausen and Beloved Leader Larry Brody watched all 6 episodes of McCartney 3 2 1 along with Gwen the Beautiful last night, and for once both The Brode and muncher agreed on something.

Here’s munchaderio’s reaction:

Woah, TV fiction at its finest! Two characters in a dark room, where Paul McCartney sucks & chewz on his dentures while lip synching to John Lennon’s voice as a bald, bearded sycophant re-edits Beatles classics on the fly, licks macca’s butt & tells the world how highly John regarded Paul’s bass playing.

Here’s LB’s:


To this TVWriter™ minion it looks like Executive Producers Paul McCartney and Rick Rubin never heard the John Lennon-Plastic Ono Band’s classic “How Do You Sleep?”

Not a bad little song, this:

Especially John’s catchy refrain:

Oh… How do you sleep, brother? Ohh… Tell me how do you sleep at night?

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