Munchman: All You Need to Know to Fulfill Your Hollywood Dreams

by munchman

Hey kids!

Are you new to showbiz? Did you just relocate to L.A.? Wondering what the hell you should do next?

Worry not, chilluns. That wondrous publication calling itself The Los Angeles Times has you covered.

For real. Yer caring lil munchikins swears. And y’all know yrs. truly would never letcha down.

But let’s cut to the chase. As of this writing, la Times has a whole section which is a perfect primer for anybody wanting to get started in what we insiders (ahem, you’re laughing at me, I know) so cleverly call “The Industry.”

The overall heading is: Have big Hollywood dreams? Read the L.A. Times guide to entertainment industry careers and just like a certain sweetheart name of Long Tall Sally has – as Little Richard sings so well – “everything that Uncle John needs ooh baby,” so does this Guide have what the rest of us need. In other words, stories like:

Don’t thank muncheroni. TVWriter™ Good Buddy Herbie J Pilato turned us onto this a few weeks back, but it took this long to pin it down. So at the count of three, all you shout, as loud as you can:

Muchas Gracias, Herbie J, for all you’re doing for us, yer panting fans!”

And simultaneously:


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