Writing Gigs: WWE is Hiring a TV Writer

We here at TVWriter™ hate to rain on anybody’s parade, but this time we think it’s for a good cause. A job. Writing the adventures, lives, and loves of a certain group of athletes who may, in fact, be thought of as the very first Reality Stars.

Sorry if you thought they were just plain real, but, hey, a gig’s a gig! Oh, and don’t let the article’s shout-out to comics writers throw you. WWE doesn’t care where their next writer comes from, as long as s/he meets their definition of good.

by Jude Terror

A lot has been said about how to break into comics, but far less is known about the equally important topic of how to break out of them. Well, we’ve got some great news for comic book writers looking for an escape hatch: World Wrestling Entertainment is hiring a writer for their various TV shows.

The listing specifies that they’re looking for someone with at least five years of TV writing experience, but comic book writers could probably translate their experience writing ongoing storylines about larger-than-life characters engaging in violent brawls for an extremely critical and sometimes volatile fanbase directly to the pro wrestling world.

“With 52 weeks of original programming, without an off-season or re-runs, it is quite a creative challenge to keep characters and story lines interesting and compelling,” complains the job listing. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

The responsibilities of the job listing entail:

  • Develop and implement creative storylines for broadcast and the WWE Network
  • Collaborate with a team of Road-based and Home-based Writers to build compelling RAW/ Smackdown stories that capture the audience and generate buzz
  • Consistently improve and refine storylines
  • Use consumer insights and social media to deliver impactful storylines that are consistent with the WWE brand and each talent’s skills and history

And other requirements include:

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