What is Audio Drama Anyway?

Frequent visitors to TVWriter™ and People’s Pilot entrants over the last few years have been reading a lot about “audio drama” and the boom that has started within the “audio series” genre. (Although the boom very often is referred to as “podcasting,” broadening the traditional definition of that last word.

In order to clarify what audio drama is, we’ve turned to writer, actor, director, and producer Pete Lutz of Narada Radio Company (“radio!” another term of course for, erm, podcast).  Here’s what Pete has to say.

Let Me Tell You About Audio Drama
by Pete Lutz

When you engage with an audio drama, here’s what happens: From the opening sequence, the dialogue, music and sounds combine to form a picture that only you can see.

Does this mean you’re insane? Far from it.

It means only that you’re the director of the movie that’s now forming in your imagination. All of the women are strong, all of the men are good-looking, and all of the children are above-average. (Thank you, Mr. G. Keillor.) Or not, depending on the story, but you get to decide, see?

Nobody can make a better movie than the one you make inside your head. That’s why Audio Drama is so good. It stretches the imagination farther than TV, much moreso than cinematic productions.

To turn away from Audio Drama is to say, “No thanks, I’d much rather have someone else decide what to imagine.”

Sometimes that’s good. It’s OK. But if you want pure entertainment, if you want a full-color, let-the-budget-be-damned, unequivocal, unadulterated spectacle, go with Audio Drama. It will not let you down. You can trust me on this one.”

Know what, Pete? We do trust you. Thanks for jotting this down for us, and best of luck at that wonderful “mental picture” company you’ve got going at Narada