How to End a TV Series

Hunch forward and glue your eyes to the page, writing compadres, and join us in this look at a few of the most emotionally satisfying TV series of all time.

And, yeppers, we’re including the Game of Thrones finale because, well, a lot of us loved it, y’know?

This pic has nothing to do with any show in the post below, but we love the Fantastic Four and how appropriate the title here is.

by Jason Hellerman

The best television show finales leave us wanting to watch the pilot all over again. They’re celebrations of the series and usually of the creators and cast.

In light of the recent ending of Game of Thrones, we decided to dig into television finales to talk about how you can stick the landing for your shows. Whether you’re the most popular TV show of all time or creating a web series that needs to please the thirty dedicated fans who found you, good endings are necessary.

We’ve gone over how to write a TV pilot, so you know all about beginnings. Now it’s time to help you land the plane.

[Warning: Lots of spoilers to follow.]

What should every TV finale have?

As I mentioned in the opening, you want to leave the audience feeling satisfied with the journey and the lessons you wanted to impart. It doesn’t mean you have to tie up every loose end or storyline, but it does mean you owe the audience closure on the general problems you put forth in the pilot episode.

Endings are a lot like beginnings. We need to know where the characters are in their final stages and their arc. Lots of times, endings are mirrors of the first episode. They take characters back to how it first began and what was learned over time. Think about the Lost finale. When the show ends, we’re back in the jungle with Jack….

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