Web Series: “Every Woman’s Dream “

TVWriter™ is overcome with joy at being able to present this announcement from our Very Talented Friends at Comedy High. (No, really, we are. We love these peeps):

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It’s the modern-day Cleopatra-Meets-Freaky-Adina-Howard, as Valerie Whaley (played by comedian, Jesenia) enjoys feather fans, hot men, and massages in the very sexy season finale of “Shlongologues: The Web Series”, with episode 10: brag. Watch here:

???Shlongologues: The Web Series is a provocatively refreshing MALE twist on The Vagina Monologues featuring NY’s best up-and-coming talent created by Comedy High.

Comedy High Productions was created in 2013 by two women from the Bronx (Jenni Ruiza and Jesenia) who create a unique kind of female-driven comedy that’s intelligently risqué. They’ve produced “Latino Stereotypes for Dummies” – a sketch challenging Lorne Michaels to hire a Latina in their cast, “Carrot Cake” – a Dump Trump musical parody, and the web series, “Becoming Ricardo” with Lisa Lisa (of Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam)!

As we wrap our first season, we’d love your help in getting the word out about our series with either a quick mention, a review, or featuring the series on your site.

We can’t have success without you – so let’s do this!