Top TVWriter™ Posts of the Week Before Christmas, 2017

Good morning! It’s the Wednesday after Christmas, so what better day for TVWriter™’s  Monday look at our most popular posts of the week ending, ulp, last Sunday, on Christmas Eve?

Okay, so we’re a little late. But Christmas, yeah?

Anyway, here they are, our top posts of the week ending December 24th, in order, of course:

Empty Promises: My experience submitting scripts to Amazon Studios

Herbie J Pilato: Thank you, “The Flash!” It looks like the dark and dingy days of TV may be over!

The Best and Worst Writing Career Advice I Ever Got

Herbie J Pilato: My Top Ten Christmas TV-Movies of All Time

Looking for TV Pilot Scripts?

And our most visited permanent resource pages are, also in order:

Writing the Dreaded Outline

The Logline

PEOPLE’S PILOT 2017 Writing Contest

The Outline/Story


Major thanks to everyone for making this another great week at TVWriter™. Don’t forget to click above and read what you missed and re-read what you loved!