Herbie J Pilato: Thank you, “The Flash!” It looks like the dark and dingy days of TV may be over!

The-Flash-The-CW-Logo-2014-300x300by Herbie J Pilato

If what The CW is doing with The Flash is any indication of where television programming is going, then LONG LIVE THE FLASH!

Like Mad Men before it, there is nothing particularly ground-breaking about The Flash.

Its creative team, led by Greg Berlanti (Arrow, Smallville, etc.) is simply catching on that “dark and dingy” productions do not only a hit make.

When Mad Men debuted a few years ago, everyone raved about its innovations.

But uh, no…there weren’t any innovations.  Mad Men was merely produced and presented like people USED to do TV shows:

No shaky camera angles.  There’s a “steady as she goes” focus of the camera on the actors, allowing them to craft their talents to their characters in a calm, intelligent, mature way.

There are actual pauses between sentences; not every character rolls their eyes with sarcasm; not every character is sardonic and sad and bitter.  Not every character has some deep, dark and yip – dingy past.

Instead, there is likability…humor….good stories…solid dialogue…balance and fun.   With no zombies!!!

Go figure.

And now comes The Flash!

This bright new show, in look and tone, brings back the happy superhero show, maybe not to the extreme of the animated Super Friends from years ago.   But certainly somewhere between Lynda Carter’s solid Wonder Woman classic from the 70s (although the first season, only please, when the show was based in the 1940s World War II era) – and the aforestated Smallville.

So whether some TV executive in the early 90s decided that dark, dingy and edgy was best (and that’s really when presentations in pop-culture began to turn bleak in tone), or whether it’s all Tim Burton’s fault for introducing a depressing Batman (and company) to the big-screen some twenty or so years ago.

Just thank goodness for The Flash!

EDITOR’S NOTE: By a strange and wondrous coincidence, the 2nd episode of THE FLASH is on tonight. In the immortal words of the original McGarrett of HAWAII FIVE-0 fame, “Be there.”

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