The Best TV Shows of the Decade

Considering all there is to fight about in this world, we at TVWriter™ have decided to stay shtum about the opinions in the article below. But just between us, what a pleasure to witness the beginning of a debate that, you know, just plain doesn’t mean anything at all.

Your friendly neihborhood mixers present:

by IndieWire

Welcome to the era of Peak TV or the Gilded Age of television — you can thank FX chief John Landgraf for coining both of those terms — when the glut of offerings on the small screen has yielded an embarrassment of series riches. It’s not just that a crowded marketplace has pushed creators to become even more innovative and daring in their work to gain attention; the very definition of what TV is and how to watch it has allowed an unprecedented freedom in storytelling.

Do you want a revival of an avant-garde series that reveres a damn fine cup of coffee? Are you itching for a show like “The Good Wife” but even more progressive? Want to revisit the Minnesota-nice flavor of a 1990s Coen Brothers film? Are you craving ridiculous puns with your existential crisis? There’s a series for every single one of those desires.

This level of excellence on the small screen, however, hasn’t spontaneously arrived, like Athena fully grown from Zeus’ head. No, television has been on a steady climb since the Golden Age, which critics estimate started around 10 years ago. Therefore, IndieWire’s team of TV experts deemed it necessary to celebrate some of the best TV shows of the past decade.

With so many TV shows on offer, it seemed prudent to set forth strict guidelines to narrow the field. This was by no means an easy task and caused endless debates and gnashing of teeth. But in the end, the rules of engagement for the list are as follows….

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