“Gone Home” is “Myst” for the 21st Century

Remember “Myst?” It’s the game that made video gaming hot. Quiet, eerie, all about exploring a new environment.

Old-timers have been vocal about wanting a Myst-like game to play again, and now one is here. Quiet, eerie, all about exploring a new environment disguised as an old one.

Cuz, you know, we millennials don’t exactly embrace change, right? We loves us our homages, no? read article

Peer Production: THE GLITCH (Possibly Our Favorite…Evah!)

TVWriter™ is going to have to start giving out awards for best peer produced videos of the year just so we can give this baby 1st prize:

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Robin Reed: All Those Screens

robin reed cartoon
Like all millenials, Jayden never has to worry about being bored