What’s Happening in TVWriter™ University in the Near Future

by Larry Brody


Yes, it’s true. Time to talk about what’s happening at TVWriter University, AKA with the various TVWriter™ workshops we hold every month.

The 152nd Advanced Online TV and Film Writing Workshop finished its 4-week run last week, but don’t despair – Numero 153 will start in 2 weeks, on Wednesday, October 7, 2015.

As of this writing 3 spots are open, so if you have a knowledge of basic storytelling and screenplay format, now would be a very good time to put yourself into the game.

Find out more about the Advanced Workshop HERE

The most recent edition of “Larry Brody’s Master Class” ended a couple of weeks ago, and the next edition of this opportunity for working and should be working, professional level writers starts next week, on October 1st.

The October Master Class is filled, but I’m thinking of following up with another one as soon as early to mid-November. So if you’re in the Big Time, or ready to move on up that way, get more info about the Master Class HERE

If you have questions that aren’t answered on the TVWriter™ pages above, by all means get in touch with me HERE, and I’ll answer as quickly as I can. (That won’t mean we’ve become buds, but it could be a beautiful start.

Big thanks to y’all for the almost 20 years of support you’ve shown TVWriter™, our minions, and myself.




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Thanks for another great week here at TVWriter™ – and don’t forget to read what you missed, re-read what you loved, and, most importantly, come back for more soon!

TVWriter™ Advanced Workshop Wants You

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Relax at home! No dress code!

The Next TVWriter™ Advanced Online TV & Screenwriting Workshop Starts Next Week

To be precise, after a short but refreshing hiatus it starts
Thursday, July 19th. We’ve got 4 open spaces in a group that’s
deliberately being kept small and personal. If you’ve never
taken one of Larry Brody’s online screen/TV writing classes,
this is your big chance.

For details, and to enroll, hie thyself HERE:

You’ve got questions? Fire away.

EDITED TO ADD: We’re down to 1 space left for this class. Hurry!

EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: We’re full up, so this class is closed. But we’ll be starting a new one Wednesday, August 22nd. Reserve your place now!


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