TVWriter™ Advanced Workshop Wants You

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Relax at home! No dress code!

The Next TVWriter™ Advanced Online TV & Screenwriting Workshop Starts Next Week

To be precise, after a short but refreshing hiatus it starts
Thursday, July 19th. We’ve got 4 open spaces in a group that’s
deliberately being kept small and personal. If you’ve never
taken one of Larry Brody’s online screen/TV writing classes,
this is your big chance.

For details, and to enroll, hie thyself HERE:

You’ve got questions? Fire away.

EDITED TO ADD: We’re down to 1 space left for this class. Hurry!

EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: We’re full up, so this class is closed. But we’ll be starting a new one Wednesday, August 22nd. Reserve your place now!


Good writing means better TV

The old-fashioned, crowded, uncomfortable way

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  1. Damn! And here I had to move to New York after serving 4 years in the Navy, live in a cold Brighton Beach basement with wife and two young kids, take a subway into Manhattan to the American Theatre Wing, work in between time at SCHRAFTS, squeezing orange juice in the undeground subways, stealing everything that wasn’t tied down until getting caught one night by 3 undercover cops… Where in the Hell were you Lawrence of Brody when I needed you?!!! gs

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