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TVWriter™’ and Larry Brody’s writing classes all over the world have provided foundations for the work of such current Big-Time TV and film writers as

  • Karen McCullah (Legally Blonde, Crazy Kind of Love)
  • Joe Wiseman (Just Shoot Me)
  • Curtis Gwinn (The Walking Dead)
  • Danny Thomsen (Smallville, Once Upon a Time)
  • Troy Devolld (Basketball Wives)
  • More (for reals)

Basic Online Workshop read article

LB: TVWRITER UNIVERSITY Update for September 2012

Time now to reach out to everyone about what’s happening with the TVWriter™ Online Workshops. No time to waste, so:

I’m hoping to hold the Basic Online TV and Film Writing Workshop in October, which, yep, is next month.

The 8-week long (one meeting a week) TVWriter.Com Basic Online Workshop covers just that, the basics of TV (and film!) writing, from how to present your idea via loglines and leavebehinds, to character creation and story structure, to the writing of the 1st draft and revisions. We do this via my book (here comes the pitch) Television Writing from the Inside Out,weekly writing exercises, and of course weekly video (and text if you don’t want to do video) chat meetings. read article

TVWriter™ Advanced Workshop Wants You

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Relax at home! No dress code!

The Next TVWriter™ Advanced Online TV & Screenwriting Workshop Starts Next Week read article