Kelly Jo Brick: The Write Path With BETTER CALL SAUL’s Gordon Smith

A series of interviews with hard-working writers – by another hard-working writer!

by Kelly Jo Brick

Photo by Arnold Wells

Aspiring writers often wonder how the pros got where they are. The truth is, everyone’s story is different, but there are some common elements: dedication, persistence, hard work and not giving up.

Emmy-nominated writer Gordon Smith credits much of his career success to luck. A friend got his resume to BREAKING BAD just as they were looking for a PA. After landing that job, Gordon’s career grew from working as a writers’ PA and assistant to Vince Gilligan, to landing a position as a staff writer on BETTER CALL SAUL. Now a producer on BETTER CALL SAUL, Gordon signed an overall deal with Sony Pictures TV earlier this year.


munchman: All I ever wanted from life

Tom Schnauz iz my new idol
Tom Schnauz iz my new idol

I dunno why you guys are writing, but the article below is my raison d’etre when it comes to that thing we do.

No, not getting to work on BREAKING BAD and its upcoming going to be ultra cool sequel BETTER CALL SAUL. That, after all, would be a mature way to view my life. Yer Friendly Neighborhood Muncher’s head is, for better or for worse, in a much different place: I just want my damn picture in the local paper and a big article telling every single one of those $#@!s I went to high school with how much better than they are I’m doing today.

You all understand this feeling, don’t ya? Huh? Please…. read article

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 1/17/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are=&0=&Tom Schnauz (BREAKING BAD) has a new writer-producer gig on BETTER CALL SAUL, the BREAKING BAD “prequel” and a 2-year overal deal with Sony Pictures TV. (Cuz, like BREAKING BAD! Maybe it’s time for true believers like us to relax. Looks like BB is never really going away.) Mike Sikowitz (RULES OF ENGAGEMENT) has signed a new overall deal with Sony Pictures TV guaranteeing him seven figures worth of dinero. (Love and kisses to Mike. Our people will be calling your people…soon.) ABC is set to develop a comedy series about the life of rapper Eve and is looking for a writer. (So if you have whatever qualifications it takes to write about a beautiful African-American rap star – whom we’ve never heard of, but then let’s face it, rap is sooo old now – and her “interracial relationships” it’s time to reach for the phone.)