Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 11/10/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Neal Baer (UNDER THE DOME) is adapting the old pulp magazine series, The Avenger into a series for The CW. (Cuz let’s face it, the title is hot, and the old magazine company – Conde Nast – that owns the rights to it wants to cash in. But if you’re a fan of the pulp version we think you’re going to be greatly surprised by what any CW take on the character will be like. Luckily for us, we’ve never read the old mags, but still…)
  • Dean Widenmann (he wrote a CBS pilot called BACK) is adapting Alexandra Robbins’ nonfiction book, The Secrets Of The Tomb: Skull And Bones, The Ivy League And The Hidden Paths Of Power, into an ABC serial drama called THE ORDER. (And this could be very cool indeed cuz…”Skull and Bones.” Yeah!)
  • Rene Balcer (LAW & ORDER) is developing a Starz drama about the FBI in the ’80s, when porn became the big business it isn’t today. (Cuz people gave a shit about it then, while now amateurs and their own personal sex lives rule. At least that’s how it seems to us since we of course know nothing whatsoever about what’s happening in the sex trade. Nosirree. Absolutely not. Un-uh.)
  • Tina Fey & Robert Carlock (30 ROCK) are writing a straight-to-series comedy about a woman who escapes from a doomsday cult and starts life over again in NYC. (Where, undoubtedly, she discovers a whole new sort of doomsday that might even be worse. At least that’s what we hear NYB is like. After all, we of course know nothing about the Big Apple cuz we hid out on Long Island for the first 18 years of our life.)
  • Moshe Kasher (a stand-up comedian, natch) is also writing and starring in an autobiographical comedy for Showtime. (Cuz, hey, Moshe Kasher! He’s a household name, right! We of course know nothing about the comedy biz or Showtime cuz, as our diatribes here have probably made pretty clear, we never ever ever even watch fucking TV. Um…too far? Did we just cross some kind of line? Let us know. Or not. Actually, preferably not. Thanks! Hope you’ve had a terrific weekend!)

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Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 8/22/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Colleen McGuiness, Tina Fey & Robert Carlock  (um, 30 ROCK, of course) are developing another workplace sitcom for NBC. Colleen’s the writer-producer. The others are producers, but since they’re also kinda writers we thought we’d mention them here. (Wonder how much it’ll resemble ROCK. Any guesses?)
  • Melissa Carter (JANE BY DESIGN) is writing a 2-hour TV movie/backdoor pilot for Lifetime called DELIVERANCE CREEK, about post-Civil War stuff. (Think GONE WITH THE WIND with Scarlet O’Hara kicking butt. And then ask yourself, “But…why…?”)
  • Wendy & Lizzy Molyneux  (BOB’S BURGERTS) have a new deal to develop and produce projects for 20th Century Fox TV. (Jeeze,just because they’re writing for one of the funniest shows ever they get a big new deal? Hardly fair! Kidding, kidding…)
  • Seth Grahame-Smith (ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER) has sold PARADISE a science fiction prison drama, to NBC. (The studio funding this project is Warner Brothers TV, making it hot, hot, hot in TV these days so be nice to WB prez Peter Roth. We’re betting that LB must wish he’d been a little toadier when he worked with Roth on THE FALL GUY back in the day.)
  • Casey Wilson (HAPPY ENDINGS) has a deal with ABC to develop a new sitcom for her pal/partner June Diane Raphael to star in on the network. (Cuz, as ABC puts it, “They are incredibly talented superstars” even if we’ve never heard of them.)

Today’s TV Writing Deals Dept: 10/6/12

The rich get richer. Ain’t life grand?

  • Baz Luhrmann (MOULIN ROUGE, THE GREAT GATSBY) has signed a 2-year deal with Sony Pictures Television to develop TV projects. (This is a man who began his career as a playwright, then switched to directing Oscar-winning films. Will nothing stop his downward spiral?)
  • Jay Baruchel & Jesse Chabot (GOON) will co-write GOON 2. (We know this is a feature film and not TV. Just trying to raise the TVWriter™ tone a bit.)
  • Noah Haley (BONES, THE UNUSUALS) is writing the pilot for a TV series version of FARGO for the Coen Brothers (everything cool and funny that you’ve ever watched) and FX (which, evidently, wants to be cool and funny, which is, you know, cool in itself.)
  • 30 ROCK will be history soon, but Tina Fey will be hard at work at Universal Television for the next 4 years creating new projects (because, evidently, she really is the greedy bitch Alec Baldwin has claimed…and what’s not to love about that?)