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Are You Tired of DOCTOR WHO?

Yeah, we are too. For us it’s the whole puzzle thing. The way the show has turned into a game. Steven Moffat versus the audience instead of The Moff trying to bring joy to the audience.

For io9.Com’s Charlie Jane Anders, it’s something else:

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DOCTOR WHO CHRISTMAS SPECIAL Will Be On The Air On – Wotta Surprise – Christmas Day

Yeppers, the BBC has announced that the DOC’s annual Christmas show will be airing on BBC America December 25th at 9 pm Eastern/10 pm Central Time.

Showrunner Steven-the Moff-Moffat is the writer, and amid the various Christmas-type surprises we’ll also meet the Doctor’s new companion, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, and renew our acquaintanceship with Silurian Madame Vastra.

Yo, if that ain’t the Christmas spirit, then what is?

RTD v. Moffat (Not Necessarily a Battle to the Death)

by ladyfan

As the media salivates over the ucoming season 7 of Doctor Who, lauding Steven Moffat’s work on both it and Sherlock, thereseems to be a good deal of jumping over the four seasons that actually brought Doctor Who back to life. Yes, we speak (reverentially) of what will surely in the future be known as the Russell T. Davies Dynasty (for you non Who-vians, the RTD Dynasty = Season 1-4 of new Who). Although Moffat was a freelancer on the show before his upgrade to showrunner, the voice and tone of the first four seasons is unquestionably Davies’.

The excellent and painfully truthful book about TV writing he’s co-written with Benjamin Cook reveals just how involved Davies was in the episode-to-episode process of the show – and while we wonder about how he was ever able to sleep (ever) we admire the unity of tone and carefully crafted subtle plot arcs that span from season to season each year. Bad Wolf? Torchwood? Harry Saxon? There is always a little extra credit for paying attention to the details (and if you’re an extra super nerd, like we are, watching the episode that fourth or fifth time illuminated that one reference we missed the first four times. It did! And it was worth it!) read article

Steven Moffat Wishes William Goldman Happy Birthday

So do we.

Whoa! A portrait featuring The Princess Bride and not Butch & Sundance. Hats off to artist Bo Hampton.
The Moff’s tweet, sent yesterday:

William Goldman is 81 today. If you want to learn everything about screenwriting, save time – just read all of his.

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