Time to Enter the Turner Writing Contest

by TVWriter™ Press Service

The American Black Film Festival has joined with Turner Broadcasting to launch a TV Writing Contest for new diverse writers and invites them to submit an original drama or comedy (or both) pilot script.

Five finalists will be selected in each category, and the two winning read more

Meme: ‘The Writing Life’

Image by Tina Mailhot-Roberge

Wisdom attributed at various time and by various people to

Ray Bradbury and Kurt Vonnegut

Things I Learned From One Season Writing on a Show

It takes talent, chutzpah, and more networking than just about any writer in the universe is comfortable with to get started as a TV writer. No one owes you a gig no matter how talented you may be.

In spite of the difficulty – well, probably because of it – few new TV writing pros do all read more

NBC’s Conjoined Triplets of Comedy

by Quetzelcoatl

Thought about Atlantis lately?  I hadn’t until Thursday night, February 16th.  NBC was airing an episode of “SUPERSTORE,” followed by “POWERLESS.”  For an island that sunk out of sight, Atlantis read more

Larry Brody’s Poetry: ‘Lunching With The Dragon’

by Larry Brody


Meetings are the not only of writers but of everyone in showbiz who actually wants to get something accomplished…which means anyone but executives because whenever they do what it is they do they’re taking the risk of having the result backfire and kicking them out of a job. read more