CBS Joining Forces with Hulu

For those who can’t get enough of CBS’s tired old “for over 40s only programming,” the network and Hulu have announced a licensing agreement which will allow Hulu Plus subscribers to stream thousands of episodes of series like MEDIUM, NUMB3RS, CSI: MIAMI, STAR TREK, I LOVE LUCY, TWILIGHT ZONE, and mucho mas.

According to Andy Forssell, Senior V.P. of Content for Hulu, ““CBS has a long history of producing truly great TV. Hulu Plus subscribers are entertainment lovers who spend their time watching shows they love, versus shows they might only just like.  Those two facts make for a fantastic combination, because this collection of CBS titles are shows that people revere and that really matter to fans of great TV like our subscribers.”

You’re right, Andy, absolutely. Us crazy, web surfing CBS lovin’ kids just can’t wait to see shows that were old before our parents were born…especially shows like, oh, MEDIUM, NUMB3RS, CSI: MIAMI, STAR TREK, I LOVE LUCY, and TWILIGHT ZONE that we can get, and have gotten, for free in a thousand and one other places. read article

munchman: And the Best Television Show of All Time Is…

OMG! Every single person in this picture is, like, dead. 🙁 Damn.

Well, according to a survey conducted by the totally unbiased and scientifically right on the nose team over at People Magazine and ABC’s 20/20 news show, TV’s all-time best series is…I LOVE LUCY!

(Wonder if anybody who took part in the survey actually saw that show first-run.)

Not exactly a shock, huh? read article

Dan Harmon is Back With a New Pilot Deal

Fresh off his big score on Kickstarter, Dan the Man hits it again:

Report: Ousted Community Creator Dan Harmon to Create Multi-Camera Comedy Pilot for Fox – by Kimberly Roots

Ousted Community creator Dan Harmon is very close to sealing a pilot deal with the network, TVLine has confirmed. (TV Guide first broke the news.) read article