Kelly Jo Brick – Women Who Run The Room

Photo courtesy of the Writers Guild Foundation

by Kelly Jo Brick

The Writers Guild Foundation brought together The Women Who Run The Room, a panel of showrunners who discussed the ins and outs of running a television show. The evening highlighted their experiences through the years including the challenges they’ve faced, how they developed their management style and what they look for when building their rooms.


I sort of climbed every rung so I’ve seen every level in the business, starting out as a PA and working my way up. I’ve worked with some remarkable showrunners and was most helped by the John Wells school of showrunning, having spent five years on ER. The way that he did it was a lot of delegating and trusting in your people and letting people experience and produce their episodes and be in editorial. I think that’s an effective way to get people to work all in, interested in learning and loyal to you. – Dee Johnson (ER, THE GOOD WIFE, NASHVILLE) read article

munchman: And the Best Television Show of All Time Is…

OMG! Every single person in this picture is, like, dead. 🙁 Damn.

Well, according to a survey conducted by the totally unbiased and scientifically right on the nose team over at People Magazine and ABC’s 20/20 news show, TV’s all-time best series is…I LOVE LUCY!

(Wonder if anybody who took part in the survey actually saw that show first-run.)

Not exactly a shock, huh? read article