Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 8/12/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Glenn Gordon Caron (MEDIUM) has a new overall deal with 20th Century Fox TV for the usual development stuff. (But Ye Munchie One is secretly hoping that what he develops isn’t usual at all. Whaddaya think? Can Glenny Boy go outre? We’ll find out.)
  • Hilary Winston (BAD TEACHER) has sold a comedy that sounds a lot like THE OFFICE to NBC, based on a Playboy column she originally wrote, called “When Your Boss Has a Vagina.” (Wanna bet that isn’t what NBC ends up calling it? Any takers? Huh?)
  • Hunter Covington (IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA) & Stacy Traub (GLEE) are developing a comedy about a successful businesswoman who can’t seem to succeed at life for ABC. (What’s that you say? You’ve heard this particular premise before? A thousand times before? Geeze, gang, lighten up. Not everything on TV can be as new and different as…as…well, dang it, I just can’t come up with a name for a current show like that right now.)
  • David Klass (LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT), Perri Klass (RUNAWAY VIRUS), and Arthur L Caplan (the guy this new series will be about) are writing the pilot for CBS’ AUSTEN’S RAZOR, about “a brilliant bioethicist who is called in at crisis moments to solve the most complicated, dynamic and confounding medical issues imaginable.” (Zzzz…oops, sorry, I fell asleep there just copying the description. Which pretty well sums up how well I think a show like this one will do.)

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 3/28/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Steve Molaro (BIG BANG THEORY) has a new overall deal with Warner Brothers Television, where he will develop new projects and continue as showrunner on BIG BANG THEORY. (Cuz try as he might, yer ole bud munchman can’t come up with one snarky thing to say about a guy who’s given us so many half-hours of enjoyment for so many years. And believe you me, I’m trying.)
  • Sandra Kobrin is adapting Full Circle, the book she and Gloria Killian co-write about Gloria’s struggle to get through law school while serving time for a wrongful murder conviction into a series pilot for Entertainment One. (Except that the series will be called INSIDE OUT and there’s no network deal yet so this announcement isn’t much different than you or I saying, “Hey, I’m writing a pilot!” Definitely a lesson to be learned here.)
  • Erik Sommers (HAPPY ENDINGS) is an overall deal with Sony TV. (Cuz CBS is high on his pilot, CUZ-BROS…for reasons that the titles sure as #@$! doesn’t make clear.)
  • Hilary Winston (BAD TEACHER) also has a new deal with Sony and is officially hot, hot, hot. (Just ask her agents at UTA. In fact, Hilary is so hot that she’s also a contributing editor to “Playboy Magazine.” I know, I know, “Playboy” is so cold and outdated that only a few of you will have any inkling why I’ve even mentioned it. To you others I say, think interweb porn only…really, really boring.)

Today’s TV Writing Deals Dept: 10/8/12



Insert unappreciated writer joke here and move on to:

  • Krista Vernoff (GREY’S ANATOMY) is writing and producing a musical dramedy about a top songwriter specializing in love songs even though she’s unlucky in love for NBC. (Cuz the network knows we all want to watch shows about people doing better than we are. Or about people doing worse. Talk about covering all the bases.)
  • Kate Walsh (PRIVATE PRACTICE) & Chris Case (RETIRED AT 35) are co-writing what’s described as a “semi-autobiographical comedy for NBC…even though neither of them is a recently divorced father who falls in love with a cop who has little experience with kids. (Isn’t it fun watching TV destroy the value of language!?)
  • Alex Gansa & Howard Gordon (HOMELAND)have a deal for ANATOMY OF VIOLENCE, an FBI series, at CBS. (Based on a neurological study by Adrian Raine which, according to Amazon.Com, has nothing in common with the series except for the title…and attitude. (Time now to ponder what purpose words can possibly have after they lose all meaning.)
  • Hilary Winston (MY NAME IS EARL) is writing the pilot for BAD TEACHER, a sitcom adaptation of the not-so-successful feature that starred Cameron Diaz for CBS. (Figuring what? that without Cameron Diaz it might succeed?)
  • Nancy Miller (SAVING GRACE) is adapting the hit Mexican telenovela TERESA for ABC. (Because we all know anything original might be risky. (EDITED TO ADD: …even though SAVING GRACE was one of the best risks any network ever took.)

(ALSO EDITED TO ADD: Um, no, we didn’t mean that the joke wouldn’t be unappreciated but that it should be about writers who are unappreciated. Sheesh!)