Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 3/28/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Steve Molaro (BIG BANG THEORY) has a new overall deal with Warner Brothers Television, where he will develop new projects and continue as showrunner on BIG BANG THEORY. (Cuz try as he might, yer ole bud munchman can’t come up with one snarky thing to say about a guy who’s given us so many half-hours of enjoyment for so many years. And believe you me, I’m trying.)
  • Sandra Kobrin is adapting Full Circle, the book she and Gloria Killian co-write about Gloria’s struggle to get through law school while serving time for a wrongful murder conviction into a series pilot for Entertainment One. (Except that the series will be called INSIDE OUT and there’s no network deal yet so this announcement isn’t much different than you or I saying, “Hey, I’m writing a pilot!” Definitely a lesson to be learned here.)
  • Erik Sommers (HAPPY ENDINGS) is an overall deal with Sony TV. (Cuz CBS is high on his pilot, CUZ-BROS…for reasons that the titles sure as #@$! doesn’t make clear.)
  • Hilary Winston (BAD TEACHER) also has a new deal with Sony and is officially hot, hot, hot. (Just ask her agents at UTA. In fact, Hilary is so hot that she’s also a contributing editor to “Playboy Magazine.” I know, I know, “Playboy” is so cold and outdated that only a few of you will have any inkling why I’ve even mentioned it. To you others I say, think interweb porn only…really, really boring.)

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 10/29/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Nick Zano (some actor type) is co-writing the comedy pilot, NICKY, with Andrew Reich & Ted Cohen (FRIENDS) for CBS. (It’s another supposedly autobiographical series, this time about Zano’s life being “raised in a multigeneration house of seven women in New Jersey. So we know that the character will either be a lover or hater of, well, women…and New Jersey. At least it’s a start.)
  • David Caspe (HAPPY ENDINGS) & Erik Sommers (COMMUNITY) are writing the pilot for CBS’s ROOMMATES, a comedy about an ultra cool ladies man who ends up having to room with a slob. (Does Neil Simon know about this? In TV it sometimes seems like the details change but the song always remains the same.)
  • Erik Sommers (yeppers, the very same) is also writing an ABC pilot about a young woman doctor in a chaotic inner city ER. (Actually, the press release describes her as a “plucky young doctor,” but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to write that. Probably not a good sign.)
  • Dan St. Germain (web series KICKING DAN OUT) is writing an untitled Fox comedy about a guy who moves in with his ex and her new boyfriend so he can learn what went wrong with the relationship. (No word on why the ex is letting him do this. Maybe cuz he’s, like, the star?)
  • Phil Rosenthal (EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND) is co-writing an unnamed ABC pilot that will feature none other than class act – we mean this – Henry Winkler with Max Winkler (NEW GIRL) & Bob Reinis (another actor type). (This series is going to be gold, you’ll see – but it’ll still be cancelled after 13 episodes. You’ll see that too.)