A Short Class in Making Stop Motion Puppets

Doctor Puppet Motion CaptureBecause sometimes you just can’t get the right full-sized actors/sets/props.

Or you’re totally inept at CGI animation.

Alisa Stern, creator of The Doctor Puppet, shows us how to get yourself out of those particular jams.

And, um, into a whole new set of probs cuz, c’mon, you don’t really think making a stop motion video is going to be easy, do ya?

Yes, it’s another TVWriter™ public service. Or to put it another way:


Oh, and here’s an overview on the making of the DOCTOR PUPPET web videos:

Check out Alisa’s DOCTOR PUPPET Channel

The Doctor Puppet Sees The Doctor

The Doctor Puppet seems to have attended the BBC America DOCTOR WHO opening in NYC. Here’s his totally unbiased review:

What an amazing show! It was a privilege to hang out on line at the Ziegfeld and wait with hundreds of other fans. I really liked their fashion sense too – lots of tweed and bow ties. The BBC America film crew even interviewed Alisa. I didn’t have much to say though.

The premiere itself was equally thrilling and holding my tongue for the next week is going to be very difficult. Good thing a familiar-looking chap and a lovely ginger made me promise not to spoil anything.

See the rest of the pics

The Doctor Puppet is Up to Something

What British TV show would be having a New York City premiere? Thinking caps on, folks?

It was not a lucky day for Alisa and me. She tried to get a ticket to the NYC Premiere of a well-liked British TV show, but as her payment was being processed the website crashed and her transaction did not go through. She has her heart (and my hearts) set on going, so if you have a spare ticket we would both be very very grateful. I’d ask for one for myself too, but I think the theatre wouldn’t mind if I just sat on Alisa’s lap. It’s times like these when I could really use the TARDIS.

Alisa will make a custom piece of art as a trade. Thank-you!

Still Infatuated After All These…Weeks

The Doctor Puppet! The Doctor Puppet! More episodes, more conveniently scheduled, and every bit as exciting as that other Who thing:

I really needed some culture so I headed into Manhattan to visit Lincoln Center. The American Ballet Theatre was performing Romeo and Juliet, but I decided not to see it. When I get my TARDIS I think I’ll pay ol’ Will another visit and catch the original.

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