Quick Guide to Amazon Studios’ Latest Streaming Video Pilots

Um, we were going to write about this. Honest! We swear! But Gizmodo beat us to it. So we bow to the amazingly perceptive Big Dogs:


by Adam Clark Estes

This year’s batch of brand new pilots from Amazon Studios just went live, and there are surprising number of stars in the mix. From a drug-laced drama about classical music with Gael Garcia-Bernal to a dysfunctional family comedy with Jeffrey Tambor (wait that sounds familiar), there’s something for everybody.

Oh, and they’re all free to watch, whether you’re a Prime subscriber or not. Amazon is looking for feedback (read: customer reviews) so that they can decide which pilots to launch into full-blown series, as they did with last year’s Alpha House and Betas. Out of the five shows for kids and five for grown ups, there’s got to be a hit.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the shows for grown-ups. All that’s left for you to do is stock up on snacks; a weekend of TV-binging awaits.

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