Why the Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger Not Only Sucks, It Blows


All over the interweb, folks are reacting to the idea of Comcast and Time Warner Cable becoming, um, one. And nobody here at TVWriter™ – not one of us – has read anything positive about it so far. Here’s a short list of articles about the Impending Interweb Disaster

Here’s a reading list to get your flood blowing blood flowing:

WGA West & WGA East Slam Merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable

Why the Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger Is Even Worse Than You Think

PTC Blasts Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger As “Anti-Consumer & Anti-Family”

Comcast & Time Warner Cable: A Wedding That Should Be Called Off Before It’s Too Late

Comcast: No promise that prices “will go down or even increase less rapidly”

Will TV Programmers Have To Consolidate If Comcast Buys Time Warner Cable?

Can The Government Stop The Comcast/TWC Monstrosity? ?

What A Merger Of Comcast And Time Warner Cable Could Mean For Hollywood

How Comcast-TWC Will End Your All-You-Can Internet Buffet

Oh, wait. What’s this? Aha – a pro-merger statement at last from…oh, right, yeah, of course…Comcast:

Comcast lists all the ways a merger with Time Warner is “pro-consumer”


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