“Podcasting” News – Part 2

Hmm, in the vein of “Anything public radio can do, Apple can do better,” here are a few words about Apple’s interest in “original podcasts” and competing with Spotify.

Spotify? Wasn’t that yesterday’s news? Ah, but then, so were podcasts.

Let’s take a look:

Apple May Fund Original Podcasts
by Podcast Business Journal


This is very big news, if it really happens, that is. Bloomberg is reporting that Apple plans to fund original podcasts so it can compete with Spotify. The Bloomberg story says Apple has reached out to several media companies to discuss buying exclusive rights to podcasts.

Over the past year, Spotify has purchased companies like Gimlet, Anchor, and Parcast and signed exclusive deals for shows with the Obamas, Jemele Hill, and Amy Schumer. Spotify’s goal is to chip away at Apple and make podcasts the place consumers go for everything audio….

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