“Podcasting” News – Part 3

This article is all about “conversational audio stories.” AKA “voice-enabled storytelling.”

Well, at least it isn’t talking about so-called podcasts.

Have a look:

Tellables Showcases Conversational Audio Stories at VOICE Summit 2019
via PRNewsletter

Tellables, a publisher of voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, is set to showcase its conversational audio stories at VOICE Summit 2019. The company, scheduled to appear at the conference in Newark, NJ from July 22-25, 2019, aims to connect with authors and other creatives interested in the world of voice-enabled storytelling.

“Voice assistants open the door to a completely new type of storytelling,” explained Amy Stapleton, CEO and founder of Tellables. Stapleton stated that devices enabled with voice technology–such as Amazon’s Echo smart speaker–can understand what people say, allowing authors to create story experiences that engage listeners in a two-way conversation.

Tellables offers several voice apps, but the company will be showcasing its conversational story experience “My Box of Chocolates,” available on Amazon Alexa. Listeners engage with the stories by saying “Alexa, open my box of chocolates.” Tellables invites authors to submit original short fiction for inclusion in the experience and publishes new boxes of stories on a regular basis.

“Audiobooks are popular, but they only offer one-way communication,” Stapleton noted.  “We believe people who love stories will enjoy interacting with the storyteller. That’s what makes these voice-first devices so exciting for authors.”

Stapleton says that, as opposed to traditional audiobooks, conversational stories leveraging voice technologies can….

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