DALLAS is Back. Hi, Larry H!

Dallas returns with a vengeance! [dallas 425x239] (IMAGE)

Dallas returns with a vengeance!

by Jaylen Christie

Don’t call it a comeback! Decades after ‘Dallas’ ended it successful run, TNT has revived the landmark series for another round of backstabbing and betrayal! So, how does their version fare? Surprisingly well, actually.

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TVWriter™ buddy – and one of LB’s closest friends – Cal Clements, Jr. was one of the producers of the original DALLAS back in the day. We’re hounding him now for his take on the update…and maybe some scurrilous backstage stories about what went on back then. Stay tuned!

Bruce Campbell Can Play Me Anytime

by Larry Brody

Just saying…

Bruce Campbell dazzles Philly Comic Con [Video] [Bruce Campbell] (IMAGE)

Bruce Campbell dazzles Philly Comic Con

by An Nicholson

Bruce Campbell is like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. He’s the acid trip you took in high school. He’s the unboxed Cat in the Hat. Heck, he’s the mad hatter without a hat. He’s a whirling dervish that never stops whirling. Unstopped and uncorked, he’s the madcap genie out of the bottle. If you ever have the chance to attend a Bruce Campbell panel, don’t ask questions — just GO!

Last year, I assumed I’d watch Bruce answer Burn Notice questions, reminisce on The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. and remember Jack of All Trades. That didn’t happen. Instead I witnessed madcap insanity from start to finish, while I kept thinking, “Can he really say that to a fan? Isn’t he worried about bad press?” The response? Yes, he can. And, no, he doesn’t. This time, I stopped worrying and enjoyed the ride.

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The Truth About Writer-Producers’ Overall Deals

EXCLUSIVE: Alex Gansa, who developed Showtime’s hot freshman drama Homeland with Howard Gordon, has signed a two-year overall deal with 20th Century Fox TV, which developed the series and whose cable division Fox21 produces it. Under the pact, Gansa will continue to executive produce/co-showrun Homeland with Gordon and will also develop new projects both for cable and network. “The work that Alex Gansa has done on Homelandfor the last year and a half is as good as any work I’ve seen done in television,” said Fox 21 president Bert Salke. “He lives and breathes the show, and he has a great instinct about what is right for the world…”

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We’ve been joyfully reading about a myriad of overall TV deals for writer-producers lately and love that writers are getting not only this much money and opportunity but also this kind of publicity.

Several longtime big-deal pros, however, have pointed out the real fly in this particular ointment, so we at TVWriter™ feel oh-so-obligated to pass it on:

Long term commitments rob the talent of one of the mostwonderful powers independent creative people have:

The power to turn, stride out the door, and say, loudly, clearly, joyfully, and, most important of all relevantly when someone’s screwing up your work:

“Fuck you!”

Just a little something to keep in mind, kids, that’s all.

The Creativity-Boredom Connection

The 99%.Com is filled with great tips, and this is just one of them. Still, whenever we read anything like this we go back to a certain hoary old saying: “If you have to ask, you can’t afford one.” Do the truly creative need to consciously work out how to do what they do?

Why Boredom is Good for Your Creativity

By Mark McGuinness

Like most creatives, you probably have a low boredom threshold. You’re hardwired to pursue novelty and inspiration, and to run from admin and drudgery. Boredom is the enemy of creativity, to be avoided at all costs. Or is it?

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“Old Farts Are the Best Farts”

We think it’s safe to say that this applies to TV, films, books, and every other artistic/creative medium we can think of as well:

Gold Column Art 120613 Mike Gold: Old Farts Are The Best Farts

Mike Gold: Old Farts Are The Best Farts

In this space last Saturday, my dear friend and adoptive bastard son Marc Alan Fishman stated “modern comics are writing rings around previous generations. We’re in a renaissance of story structure, characterization, and depth… I’d like to think we the people might defend the quality of today’s comics as being leaps and bounds better than books of yesteryear.”

Simply put, the dear boy and my close pal and our valued ComicMix contributor is full of it.

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