Another Stand-Up Comic Gets a Pilot Deal

…At Fox, of course, because they know that the best way to get good writers is to hire performers to do the scripting.

Finished laughing yet? Then read on:

We dunno who this dood is, but the poster is strangely compelling to those of us who’ve, you know, hung out at a Grange.

Comedian Mo Mandel Sets Sibling Comedy At Fox With Happy Madison Producing – by Nellie Andreeva

EXCLUSIVE: In a competitive situation, a comedy pitch by comedian Mo Mandel has landed at Fox. The single-camera comedy, produced by Happy Madison and Sony Pictures TV, is loosely based on Mandel’s relationship with his brother. It is described as a sibling rivalry show in the vein of Step Brothers. Mandel will write as well as executive produce with Happy Madison’s Doug Robinson. There is no deal in place for Mandel to act but he is writing one of the characters with himself in mind. Fox has an upcoming comedy series starring its writer, Mindy Kaling’s “The Mindy Project.”

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They had us till “Happy Madison.” But once we started seeing Adam Sandler’s face in our minds, well, sorry, Fox folks, but it was all over.

LB’s Been Scrolling Through the TVWriter™ Message Board


…And here’s just a sample of the kinds of things I found:

I have to admit that I found the threads above fascinating. And informative. And all that other good stuff. “Age hath not withered,” etc.

If you’ve got questions, the Message Board just may have the answers because, let’s face it, the odds are you’re not the first person with a particular problem/concern/issue. I could be wrong, but the only way you’ll know is if you check it out.

Bottom line: Have a look at all that’s available on the Board and let us know how it works out. And also let us know what else you’d like to find out so TVWriter™ can get you that info too.



What’s the 2012-13 TV Season Going to Bring?

…Well, OldMedia, in the form of The Atlantic (didn’t that used to be The Atlantic Monthly?) has these particular concerns:

Fall TV Preview: Questions About ‘Homeland,’ ‘The Office,’ and More – by Kevin Fallon

It’s been a long summer for those of us waiting to find out how the Pritchetts react to Gloria’s pregnancy on Modern Family. Or whether Victoria Grayson survives the plane crash on Revenge. Or whether shock treatments will thwart Carrie’s breakthrough on Homeland. In other words, it’s been a long summer for most of us. As the new fall TV season gets ready to roll out in the coming six weeks (give or take for some shows), fans and critics are gearing up for the premieres of breakout hits (New GirlOnce Upon a Time), returning favorites (The Walking DeadDownton Abbey), and potential new gems (The New NormalThe Mindy Project). Here are some things to look out for to prepare for their long-awaited debuts:

Can a show survive its backlash?

Will genre series continue to excel?

Have audiences had their fill of sarcastic funny ladies?

Can Modern Family survive the baby curse?

Will breakout shows sustain their momentum?

Is it really the “new normal?”

Is there a new Mad Men?…

How will The Office end?

Read it all to see the details of the discussion

Know what’s great about asking these questions? Unlike so many mysteries in life, every single one of them will be answered. All we have to do is wait.

Crap. We suck at waiting. Frizzlefrazzle…

TVLine Comedy Writing Emmy Poll

Nope, don’t know where the Drama Writing Poll is but hope it shows up soon

TVLine has a poll asking the wonderful – for writers – question:

Emmys 2012: What Should Win Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series? – by Michael Slezak

We’ve reached the episode-specific portion of our “Who Should Win” Emmy poll series, so it’s time to hit the rewind button on your internal DVRs to ensure a fully informed voting process. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the race for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. That statuette has gone to writers from Modern Family for two years running, but is certain to change hands in 2012, as the ABC smash was left off the list of nominees in favor of some upstart critical darlings…

What would you do if you had the power to honor one of these fine episodes when the Emmys are handed out in September? Choose your favorite in our poll below — TVLine voting closes Sept. 14, so act now! — then hit the comments to justify your pick!

What Should Win Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series? Community: “Remedial Chaos Theory” Girls: “Pilot” Louie: “Pregnant” Parks And Recreation: “The Debate” Parks And Recreation: “Win, Lose, Or Draw”

Read it all and vote here

Taking advantage of this unusual opportunity (someone caring about our writing preference), we voted for LOUIE “Pregnant.” What about you?

PEOPLE’S PILOT Finalists are Here

For contest ending June 1, 2012

BLISS by Steve Elliott – Action/Drama

CARGO by Aaron Walker Sr. – Action/Drama

DR.HOPE ON CALL by Anyes Van Volkenburgh – Sitcom

GREASY SPOON: THE ARMADILLO by Antonio Gangemi & Aimee Parrott – Sitcom

MILLTOWN by Bob Gookin – Action/Drama

NOT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD: A NEW BEGINNING by Corinna Luise Mendis – Sitcom

SHAMAN by Eric Ian Steele – Action/Drama

SIX STRING by Peter Sawyer & Nikhil Potdar – Sitcom

THE B-TEAM by Shaan Kirpalani & Edward Salazar – Sitcom

THE FLOCK by Christina Pamies – Action/Drama

THE NERD HERD by Jared Reise – Sitcom

This is without a doubt the best group of Finalists the People’s Pilot has ever had, and we are, in a word, very impressed. (So impressed that it took two words.)

Our congratulations to the fine writers named here for the genuine excellence of your projects.

Now brace yourselves because in two weeks we’ll be presenting the Winners! (EDITED TO ADD: Because next week will bring the Spec Scriptacular Finalists, whoo!)