Something to Look Forward to: DA VINCI’S DEMONS

Not only does the series sound intriguing, but Starz is doing something we’d like to see a lot more of: Promoting it by showing what a star its creator, writer David S. Goyer is. Let’s say that again: Goyer’s a star and Starz knows it.

Comic-Con 2012 Video: First Teaser for Starz’s ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ Unveiled
by Lesley Goldberg

The 1st teaser for Starz’s upcoming historical fantasy series Da Vinci’s Demons has debuted and it really is just as cryptic as you’d expect.

The drama revolves around Leonardo da Vinci, a brash and brilliant 25-year-old artist, inventor, swordsman, lover, dreamer and idealist whose intellect and talents will be explored as he struggles to live inside the confines of his personal reality and time as he begins to see — and invent — the future…

While no official footage of the drama was included in the short promo, the vague spot touts creator David S. Goyer‘s pedigree — co-writer, The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel! — and delivers a few things to ponder before the high-profile project debuts in the spring:

“History is a lie…. His story is a lie.”

“History is a lie that has been honed like a weapon by men and women who have suppressed the truth.”

“Centuries from now your own history will also be suppressed.”

“Free the future.”

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Kathy sees IMMORTALS

The gods don’t interfere. Except when they do.

by Kathy Fuller

…Or as I like to call it, one hot sepia-toned mess. This movie is what happens when a director is so enthralled with his rad CGI concept he kicks plot, dialogue, characterization, and common sense to the curb. Oh, and thanks for making Henry Cavill look a decade older than he actually is, when he’s supposed to be playing a decade younger. What’s the point in watching this dreck if I can’t even enjoy the hot man lead actor?

One good thing about the movie: the last scene was kind of cool. Other than that, don’t waste your time. Sorry Henry–better luck with Superman.

FRINGE Star Knows How It Ends

Joshua Jackson: I know how ‘Fringe’ ends
by Rick Porter

“Fringe” will have its biggest Comic-Con stage ever on Sunday (July 15) when the cast and producers greet fans in the San Diego Convention Center’s massive Hall H. And it’s likely just about all those fans will want to know about the show’s ending.

They can ask series star Joshua Jackson — because he says he knows where “Fringe’s” final season is headed.

“My show being what it is, I can’t tell you, but we have a really distinct … and very cool wrapping up of the entire series,” Jackson tells The Hollywood Reporter in a pre-Comic-Con roundtable with several other actors.

That’s something of a surprise, as in the past the “Fringe” powers that be tended to keep story details secret, even from the cast. Jackson says showrunner J.H. Wyman “has been kind of shockingly forthcoming, because our show is usually pretty impenetrable. But this is the last year, and I guess it’s a new leaf. He was like, ‘I want everybody engaged. I want everybody to know exactly what they’re doing.'”

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Well, well, well, did you know that Joshua Jackson runs this show? That what he wants (for everybody to be “engaged…to know exactly what they’re doing”) is the key to the entire series? We’ll bet J.J. Abrams didn’t know it either.

God, we wish we knew how to write fluff.

Or even read it.

EDITED TO ADD: Anna Torv knows how it ends too, which leads us to believe that all the stars do. Probably because the writing-producing staff wants them to be “engaged.” Read Anna Torv’s interview

munchman: Who’s Afraid of DOWNTON ABBEY?

…The writer of this article, for one. ‘Cuz, you know, if DOWNTON ABBEY wins one or two or a dozen, that’s one or two or a dozen fewer for good ole Ammurican shows:

Somebody’s Brit Granny but not mine

Emmys 2012: How ‘Downton Abbey’ might affect the drama races
by Rick Porter

When the Emmy nominations are announced on July 19, you’ll probably see quite a few repeat nominees. It’s what the Emmys does, to a large extent, and as discussed previously, it’s unlikely that any new shows not named “Homeland” will get a bucketful of nominations.

There is one returning show, however, that has the potential to shake up several races: “Downton Abbey.” PBS’ British import is moving from the movie/miniseries field to the drama series categories this year, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the show come close to matching the 11 nominations it received in 2011.

If “Downton” scores a big nomination haul, though, that means other shows and performers might get left out in the cold.

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Do you suppose this guy knows he’s a chickenshit moron? Or does he just think he’s chickenshit? Cuz morons never seem to catch on that the point of this article is absurd because of course the caliber of the competition dictates who or what wins. That’s the %$#@! point.


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