munchman: McDonald’s is Creating Its Own TV Channel

Well, more like an intranet kind of thing really. It’ll be called the M Channel and play new content on TV sets in about 700 McDonald’s. Do they really think that’s going to make uswant to eat that crap?

Stuff my mouth and call me speechless!

Big wheel keeps on turnin’. Proud Mary keeps on burnin’. Kee-ryst!

And Now, a Promo for ELEMENTARY

…Cleverly labeled as “news” by the Hollywood Reporter:

‘Elementary’ EP Rob Doherty, Star Jonny Lee Miller Take THR’s Fall TV Poll

From Ringer’s Rob Doherty, former Dexter baddie Jonny Lee Miller is on the case for the New York Police Department, who isn’t totally happy to have his know-it-all attitude helping with their most challenging cases. Meanwhile, recovering addict Holmes isn’t as happy to have a babysitter in Dr. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu), who regardless of if she likes it or not, will wind up playing a role in his investigations.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Doherty and Miller to challenge them to our Fall TV poll — including the writer and guest stars they’d like to see take the trip to the East Coast setting.

The Hollywood Reporter: Fill in the blanks — if you like X, Y, and Z, you’ll like my show.

Rob Doherty: If you like intricate mysteries, humor and tremendous acting, you’ll like our show.

Jonny Lee Miller: If you like Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and new ideas, you’ll like the show.

What was the funniest thing that happened while filming the pilot?

Miller: We had to deal with a lot of [crazy] people on the streets of New York City (laughs).

If you weren’t on Elementary, what show would you want to be part of?

Doherty: FX’s Justified.

Miller: I’d want to be some scumbag on Breaking Bad (laughs).

If you could scrub anything off your résumé, what would it be?

Doherty: I don’t think I could do that without disrespecting the people I’ve worked with and love even though there may be a couple stinkers on my résumé, I’ll never tell you which ones (laughs).

Miller: Good lord, I’m not going bring that up to the Hollywood Reporter!

What’s the most bizarre network note you’ve ever gotten?
Doherty: One executive said he had an issue with the flashbacks in my script because it kept bringing him back to the past (laughs).

What are three necessary items you need in order to write?

Doherty: I need a white noise machine, green pen and the occasional action figure to prop up and twiddle with as needed.

If you could add any one writer to the Elementary staff, who would it be?

Doherty: I’m going to stay on the Justified tip and go with Graham Yost though Arthur Conan Doyle is a writer I’ve adored since childhood who came up with a character as endearing as Holmes would be a naturally good addition (laughs).

Who’s your dream guest star on Elementary?

Miller: The Chelsea football team, all of them, the whole lot. We get to shoot in London at Chelsea. Or the New York Jets.

Elementary premieres Thursday at 10 p.m. on CBS.

Aha! Just figured out why we haven’t made it in TV yet. We’re dull as hell…and, judging from the above, we still have way too much personality (laughs).

Red Dwarf X Clip

If you know RED DWARF, then the headline above is all we need to say. If you don’t, then you probably aren’t reading this far anyway. Which is too bad because this show is all kinds of wonderful nuttiness. Enjoy!

The show returns to TV October 4th. And, as a warning so you’ll understand just what kind of wacky this is:

“T-talkin’ about m-my g-generation…” Hi, fellow millennials!

The Doctor Puppet Visits Buckingham Palace

…And has his way with a Queen puppet. (Or so we devoutly hope.)

Read and see it all

Another Outstanding Peer Production

…Assuming you’re a hot comedy writer type peer. Which brings up a question: What do we call peer productions that are made by pros?

Time to coin a new meme, TVWriter™ lovers. Write in and give us your soon-to-go-viral label for shows like this – BRETT AND THE CITY:

Or maybe he isn’t a pro. His press release says so, but we can’t find much in the film and TV fans bible – AKA IMDB.